Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Falling of the Hive

The Elven Goddess, Angharradh, looked down to see her moon elf, Lord the Clan of Aborea fall in battle. Her hopes were on him to raise up the banner of the Forest Clan Aborea in Aryador, shining its light. Now he lay dead. But she had a plan that would rid some of the plague of hate in Aryador and raise up new elves and forest folk for a better cause than evil.

Unbeknownst to him, Angharradh softened the Unseelie Eecho's heart through the Somata fruit of Taure Emata. The more he ate, the more happy and loving he became. Finally after a feast of Somata with the Hive, having even invited Kaelen the drow, they professed their caring for one another. One fae even said, "We care even for the drow elf, Kaelen." All heartily assented. The evil Goddess of the Hive was outraged. She appeared before those that were present and cursed them thusly, "You love the elves so much? Then why don't you become like those sickening creatures!" And so some were turned into elves. She turned to Eecho and thrust an arrow into his heart and watched him gasp for breath. She leaned in and whispered, "This is the end of the Hive....and of you Eecho of the Unseelie." She deserted the Hive never to retrun and all the plants inside it dried up and turned to dust. Angharradh came to Eecho as he was breathing his last, and offered to take his spirit, and place it in the fallen moon elf....but only if he release most of his memories of being a fae, and he embrace those of the elf. Eecho, greedy for life, agreed. At that moment, the moon elf awakened restored...with new fae and elves former Hive members added to the already existing Clan of Aborea. Thus ends the saga of the Hive and the Unseelie Court in Aryador, and begins a new dawn of the Clan of Aborea.

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