Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eecho's Journal Entry

17 June

We have made it to the famed forests of Aryador earlier in the week. We were attacked along the way and lost a few more members of our clan. As the Fates would have it, I have come across some fae folk of some clan that suffered a tragedy, including the loss of their king who enjoyed the same name as I. Those fae folk have joined our clan, and while some seems angry and grieving...I am sure they will come around, after the pain subsides.

I feel like I am floundering here. I miss my father. There will never be another king like Lord Elpaph, in the Aborean Clan or elsewhere! If only we had been better prepared when the hoardes attacked our forest...then he would have never been killed, I never would have had to lead, and we would not have needed to move to these forests. But enough of the sadness.

We cut down from the dead trees, and gather stones to build a habitation. For now we have taken up residence in a small tower surrounded by swamp. Many are gathering berries, fruits, and herbs for food and salves.

I pray the Triple Goddess will bless our works here.

Eecho Rotaru
Chieften of the Aborean Clan of Aryador

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