Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Curse of the Hedgewitch

Well my sins have found me out. I might as well tell the story here lest any of my elven brethren make a similar mistake. I have a confession to make. I caused the war that destroyed our forests. I am responsible for my father's death. I now bear the curse for my pride and sins.

While still living in the beautiful forests of my homeland with my father,I kept hearing from the people of my beauty and how I would make a fantastic successor to my father someday. The idea went to my head, I must admit. I visited a local hedgewitch who maintained a little cottage in our lands. She smelled of patchouli and mint. I asked her for a potion or spell that would speed my ascent to the throne. I was thinking maybe my father would take ill or senile and I would take my rightful place. The witch asked what I intended to pay. I offered her gold and jewels. She wanted none of that but asked only for an esteemed position in my court when I take throne. I eagerly agreed thinking she wanted a title and little more. She cast a circle with me in it. She spoke some words in a language I did not understand and chanted her spell. She gave me a vile potion to drink, and in my greed I did what I was told, and promptly drank.

I woke up the next morning in my bed. I was awakened to screams, as the orc hoardes had invaded and were burning the forest. In the coming months of battle, my father was found dead, a dagger through his heart. I gathered what was left our our Aborean Clan and fled to the forests of Aryador, hoping to rebuild....until yesterday.

The old witch showed up at my door, congratulating me on my leadership to the throne. She asked for her payment. I promptly refused. I did not ask for the destruction of our forests, or the death of my father and family. But upon my refusal, I suffered her curse. I am shamed by it and my sins. That I would be the first of my kind to look their feel its pangs in body and mind. That I might be a living reminder to never cross a witch again. I see her now...she is staying in the forest... watching offering herbs and remedies to those who will pay. While my heart hardens, and my beauty has faded...I sit in the foyer and weep for my sins...and my pride.

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