Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An elder Djinn struggles with change...

Taure Emata had been sealed off from the rest of the world for as long as Eruadan could remember. The previous Ashera had lived a long time, indeed, and instilled a distrust of others into His people. The outside world had needless wars and was filled with races unworthy of the knowledge the Djinn kept guarded deep within their dark caverns. The Ashera had allowed very few who found their way through the desert to find sanctuary within the hidden green paradise. Some who did find their way often wrote of the Djinn garden, believing it to be the long-lost Eden, though the Djinn would smirk at the inklings of other religions.

Raised under such a xenophobic belief system, Eruadan found it difficult to know how to deal with the young Ashera Kielan's progressive ruling style. Their world had been opened up to embrace the strengths of other races when, in the past, they would have seen others as valuable for enslavement. Eruadan would not deny the usefulness of the others, but the elder warriors of centuries past taught their fighters to be wary of the advancements of others for there was much for the Djinn to protect. In some cases, there was much for a single Djinn to lose.

Eruadan knew better than to cross the Ashera. An example had been made before and all young Djinn learned early on of the curses that a spiteful Ashera would cast upon a disloyal subject. The tale of the renounced Air Djinn haunted Eruadan and ever-reminded him to stay true to his Warrior's Oath and uphold the Ashera's Will without question. As an elder, he would serve as counsel to the young Ashera, but he remained mindful of his position. Advise, but never command. Guide, but never lead. Caution, but never lecture. Always follow the Nomos (Ashera's Will).

The old Ashera locked the Djinn away from the rest of the world and the new Ashera retrieved the key. Erudan asks himself which Ashera is right. Though it is difficult to ignore ones upbringing and the teachings of old, the warrior is sworn to the Nomos. Though he is leery of those who come from beyond the sands and waters of Taura Emata, he will do as he is commanded and step outside the cave.

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