Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iskrin Nightfire - The Amzurad of the Djinn

Iskrin came to be in the deserts of Resh Karak far across the Singing Sands. At the age of 25, when most Djinn have found their elemental affinity, it became clear that he was drawn to none of the four elements. The local shaman therefore conducted the Akrabar - the five tests - to determine his fate. The flaming sands revealed that Iskrin was one of the Vay - the perversions, one of whom in each generation is chosen to serve the Ashera.

Iskrin was taken to the Temple of Bes-lal where his training as the potential Amzurad - the empty vessel into which the will of the Ashera is poured and through which the commands of the Ashera are executed - began. Finally, when Ashera Kielan was ready to ascend to power, she made the pilgrimage to the Temple to choose her Amzurad. After six days of trials, Kielan selected Iskrin and annointed him. He took his place at her side as guardian, adjutant and counsel, while the other Vay were put to death for their perversion.

The Amzurad and the Ashera are the yin and yang of Djinn essence. The Ashera rules, the Amzurad obeys as the Ashera's sworn and fated guardian. Just as the Ashera is revered, so the Amzurad is all-but reviled by the Djinn. Lacking any elemental affinity, the Amzurad is viewed as a perversion of order, but one tolerated because of the neccessity to serve the Ashera. Iskrin's high office causes most Djinn to feel contempt and hatred, but their obedience of the Ashera and the Amzurad's skill and strength usually prove enough to keep him alive, despite repeated attempts on his life.

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