Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elements and the Natib Qadish

~~The Djinn and the Elements~~
When a djinn is born the priests of the land divine what this child's element and thus temprament will be based on the alignment of the stars at birth, and other factors. The affiliation with the elements does not grant any special powers, but rather simply explains their temprament and how they relate to other races related to that element. Based on the Djinn's Element, he or she may feel a kinship with the life of other races. This is not to say that they will always get along, but that their common interests will bring about fuller and more natural relationships.

Ѯ Earth - [plants, forestation, land-dwelling life, earth...]
Djinn drawn to the Earth Elemental tend to have "down to earth" personalities. They are practical and their ways are often set in stone.
Practical and dependable, Earth Djinn provide the resources necessary for the functions of life. There is usually a deep affinity with nature. Earth Djinn are the builders of long-lasting structures.

Earth is primarily dry and secondarily cold.
"Solid as a Rock"

ξ Air - [wind, sound, weather...]
Air Djinn are said to be "flighty" in nature. These daydreamers have their heads in the clouds as they gracefully glide across the realm. Their tempers can be as loud as thunder and their compassion may flow like a gentle, warm breeze.

Air symbolizes mental processes, language, intellect, reason, human communication and social relationships. Air signs provide the ideas that make things happen.

Air is primarily wet and secondarily hot.
"Cool breeze of Thought"

ω Water - [sealife, ice, rain...]
The Djinn of Water seem to have great persistance. Like water can barrel through rock over time, these Djinn can wear another down. Their temperment can flow gently like a trickling brook or rage on like the fiercest storming sea. Water signs are the “feelers,” the nurturers, the caretakers.
Emotion, psychism, mysticism, intuition are associated with the Water Djinn.

Water is primarily cold and secondarily wet.
"Swamped by Emotion"

ζ Fire- [smoke, magma...]
Those of fire are often misunderstood. These Djinn are said to have the worst tempers and can blow like volcanoes at the drop of a hat. Whatever their task in life may be, their passion for it burns through the darkness and offers hope in the end. Though fire can bring destruction, it may also cleanse the world.
Fire symbolizes passion, energy, impulse, enthusiasm, inspiration, idealism, faith. Fire Djinn provide us with much needed inspiration, motivation and creative energy.

Fire is primarily hot and secondarily dry.
"Burning with Desire" "Flames of Passion"

The Elements often interact with each other which creates various other phenomena in the universe. Together, they create the 5th Element - Aetherial Spirit. The balance of the elements brings life, death, energy, and power to the world.

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