Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eruadan - Cranky, Old, Water Djinn

When this Djinn came of age, he chose the name 'Eruadan' because he loved the way it rolled off his tongue. "Air-oo-ah-dahn" sounded to him like air blowing over a stony creek, causing little ripples of water to brush up against the silty earth. The first time he had come upon the name was in an old Elvish monk's tome in which he wrote of a man named "Gabriel." This messenger was heraled in his time and it inspired the young Djinn who read such old script.

Though already assigned to the Water Element at birth, Eruadan had always felt a closeness to the water and would have chosen it for himself if he were given such the option. This being so, Eru spent most of his days within the cave, tending to the illuminated fish that inhabited the sacred pools within the rocky depths. Like some cave-dwelling animals, the pigmentation of his skin depleted over time and the sunlight began to irritate his eyesight. Though he will travel outside of the cave, he feels most at home inside near the sounds of the waterfall.

As a warrior, Eruadan was sworn to protect the Ashera, the realm, and his people. He served the Ashara well and will continue to do so until the end of time. However, he has grown old and the physical realm has grown tiresome for him. No longer does the old warrior prepare for battle, yet this is not to say he lacks in ability or will to protect. He will fight when it is necessary, but he is difficult to provoke. Eru would rather speak wise words, tend to his fish, and pursue the young Djinn these days.

Surpassing 500 years now, Eruadan serves the Ashera as he served the Ashera before her. Old and set in his ways, he acts as an advisor to the more progressive, young Ashera Kielan Parx. Ever-reminding her of the old ways, he is careful not to overstep his boundaries and only acts as an aid - not a threat.


  1. Hence the phrase: 'You know old Eru - he's a bit of a C.O.W"

  2. Moo!
    Jain and I worked out a good reason for why he's a cranky hermit. :O

  3. That reason wouldn't have anything to do with peeling labels off beer bottles would it?