Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Natib Qadish - Lexicon

Akrabar - the five tests that discern the elemental affinity of the Natib Qadish. Usually undertaken around the age of 25, though often an affinity is apparent before this age.

Akel-Kartza - The Slanderer

Akren-Alish - literally 'whispering death'. The ceremonial sword of the office of the Amzurad.

Ashera - the ruler of the Natib Qadish, the fifth element.

Amzurad - literally, 'empty vessel'. The Natib Qadish born without an elemental affiliation and destined to serve the Ashera completely

Natib Qadish - literally 'Righteous People'. The Djinn. The Djinn come to be in the desert, formed from the burning sands. They begin life with dark skin that grows slowly paler as they age. Ancient Djinn, some as old as 1,000 years old, are pale, often albino having spent centuries underground. Each Djinn (with the exception of the Ashera and the Amzurad) is allied to an element that defines their character and station in life. Djinn can fly, live unnaturally long lives and are devoted to the collection and preservation of knowledge. They are self-interested, xenophobic and racially elitist.

Nergal - the deity who presides over the netherworld, and who stands at the head of the special pantheon assigned to the government of the dead

Nomos - Any Kind Of Law, Laws, Or Statutes (Ashera's Will?)

Qadisuma - Priest

Qafa - literally 'cage'. The round stone formations in which some of the Natib Qadish live, hanging from the ceiling of the cavern. These are carved out of stalagtites.

Resh Karak - a desert region

Singing Sands - a desert region known for the wind-carved crystals that 'sing' as the desert winds move over them.

Sula yn Emata - literally 'guest of the isle'. The honouriffic afforded to visitors accepted by the Natib Qadish.

Taraa - Tutors

Tarea va Karsavan - Literally "Door to Thrones." This would refer to transcention, the Djinn's form of death. A Djinn may also refer to this as "Sitrah Hora" meaning "The Other Side."

Tartaros - Literally "Place for Imprisioned Spirits." How the Djinn would refer to the death of Non-Djinn. Tartaros would be the place the dead would go to, but simply stating "Tartaros," in a firm tone to someone would be quite an insult. Stating it to another Djinn would imply that they would not reach Transcention and would go to where all the other races go when they die.

Taure Emata - literally 'dark isle'. The realm of the Natib Qadish, a land of sand and stone ruled by the Ashera

Ur - a prefix meaning 'high', as in Ur Qadisuma (high priest).

Vay - those Natib Qadish born with no affinity to any element. They come to be in response to the formation of a new Ashera. One of the Vay is chosen to serve as Amzurad, the rest are put to death for being perversions of Natib Qadish nature.


  1. Cheers for Qafa!! My favorite word!

  2. You're welcome... it's from the Arabic qafas, also meaning cage (I think!)

  3. Good! Have added your words now... sorry for delay!