Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And so Asadora TrueFae joins us...

Iskrin Nightfire, Amzurad of the Natib Qadish, spies a blue Fae standing on an outcrop of rock at the edge of the desert...

Iskrin hovered, his eyes fixed on the blue Fae. "You would be wise to walk away," he said, his voice a soft rumble on the desert wind

Asadora Summers perked her ears when she heard a voice, turning slowly to see a hovering figure with black mighty wings stretched out in the nearby distance. She took a deep breath, chosing her words carefully and under a cool and firm tone, 'If I were to walk away, I would step off this hilltop.' She tilted her head to the side and crossed her arms against her chest, 'Do you mean that it would be best if I were to fly away?'

The Djinn soared closer, his great wings beating the hot, desert air, stirring up the dust from the parched rocks beneath him. "You may fly or you may walk," he said, his pale eyes reflecting the sunlight, "but away is the safer choice." He paused to alight on the rocky outcrop. "Not the most interesting," he said, his smile flashing pointed teeth. "Not the most brave. But the safest. This desert is no friend, not even to me."

Asadora watched him with great interest as he lowered his hover and came closer to her. She remained her stance and fluttered her wings once. A long slow flap which made her wing-tips stiffen towards the ground, 'Safer choice, indeed? What would prevent you from striking me once my back was turned to either walk or fly away?' She forced her voice to continue to be steady as the words fell like honey from her lips.

To this the Djinn laughed, a harsh bark that tore from his throat. "I have no desire to harm you my small, blue friend. I am the Amzurad of the Djinn and I have greater concerns than your meagre life." He smiled again, his lips pulling back over his teeth. "But I am being rude," he said, shaking his head. "The Ashera commanded me be welcoming and only warn those who would be foolish enough to enter our desert."

The blue Fae bit her bottom lip before releasing it into a slow smile. Again she fluttered once and laid her eyes upon the male's form, 'You address me as '..small, blue friend' yet you also state that the life of this Fae is meagre, pardon me, but I do belive that you may have contradicted your intentions.' She continued to smile when she saw him flash his own and continued with the same silken tone, 'Why waste time in sending warning to a fool, would it not be more productive to warn those that come much farther than any fool? For fools are the ones that retreat too quickly.' Then, after taking a breath she added quickly, 'You speak of the Ashera... is the one that rules this land?'

Iskrin raised a dark eyebrow, his milk-white eyes widening as the Fae spoke. "I had been led to believe that your kind were fickle and unwise," he said, a hint of approval in his voice. "Yet you speak as one aware of the world." He shrugged, his great shoulders rolling easily as the muscles bunched and danced beneath his flesh. "I watch the desert of the Djinn and speak to all who approach. Foolish or wise, all are given a chance to turn away. It is the lore." He turned then to look out over the desert and up the mountainside. "The Ashera rules all things, Fae, though some do not yet know it. Yet they will come to the knowing. For now though, this desert and that mountain are her immediate domain, yes. All the knowledge of the Djinn, all the strength of the desert are hers to command." Finally the smile returned to his lips as he looked at her again. "And I call all friend until they prove otherwise, whether their lives are great or meagre. Yet I am bound to ask you, what business have you here in the lands of the Natib Qadish?"

Asadora straightened her back as his words floated down around her. She felt a sense of eerie calm begin to wash over her and adjusted her wings to show this by fluttering twice. She was indeed aware of the world , for she was a seeker of knowledge. She continued to look upon him with a soften face as she folded her hands down in front of her. Breathing deeply she released her words confidently, 'The chance of which has been given to me, is appericated, for I would certainly not be one to go against lore, or the lore of any land.' She watched his gestures keeping her eyes keen to his, 'The Ashera of which you speak, and the domain of which she holds, are not under threat by this Fae. I hold no weapon. I only come to seek knowledge and to share a lore of my own. This business I feel has been Fated for me and thus I faithfully have followed such Fate here.' She continued softly, 'Recently there was one that I encountered. I attempted to seek him further in Aryador; however, no result was accomplished in this. It is believed that a path has been Fated for me and he is the source.'

As the Fae mentioned Fate, the Djinn's demeanour changed. Where he had been only bored and dutiful before, there was now an energy to his interest in her. "You speak of Fate," he said slowly. "The Natib Qadish obey only one power greater than their own." He shook his head. "If your Fate brought you here, then I am bound to serve its will, whether I would or no. Who did you encounter, Fae?"

Asadora breathed deeply again, though this time she slowly let her own breath swirl into a cloud which mingled into the air. She tilted her head as she watched him speak, taking note of his tone. She fluttered once again to lower her wings halfway to the ground, her way of showing respect. 'It is to be believed that even all that is Divine has no say in the matter of Fate. For every God there is a Goddess and for every element there is an equal, these things no much how hold of power is there, nothing can block the path of Fate.' She leveled her head as she looked to him further, 'The name that was given within the encounter was Eruadan.'

Iskrin Nightfire nodded. "This name is known to me," he said, his eyes meeting hers. "The will of Fate is like the hot winds of the desert - the sands will move until the wind is done." He paused to think for a moment. "You wish to speak to Eruadan again, or you believe only that he led you here?" he asked finally, dust shaking from his beard as his jaw worked to speak his words more clearly and with greater purpose now.

'Aye, you understand Fate,' Asadora said, 'for the way in which you describe Fate easily leads me to believe that you are wiser than most, for they often ignore Fate,trying to be independant where they folly in this greatly.' She pondered his further question and kept her tone cool, 'I wish to learn. I wish to be loyal to a cause greater than all others. If Eruadan holds council of these things, I can not be sure; however, if I were to believe that he was the only one to have led me here, then I would be a fool for thinking so small.' She peered over her shoulder towards Aryador and sucked her teeth, showing her disapproval. Slowly she softened her face again as she looked again to him.

Iskrin nodded again, his braided hair resting on his shoulders as he bowed his head at the truth of the words the Fae had spoken. "There is no greater cause than the Ashera," he said, his head lowered and his voice softened with awe for his queen's elemental beauty. "Within this mountain, the library of the Djinn rests, knowledge gathered over ten times ten thousand years. If it is learning you seek, then there is no better place." He looked up, his eyes glinting in the sunlight again. "I believe that your Fate has led you to us, Fae. Not even the Ashera will question this path that you walk. The Djinn are bound to your destiny in this. Let me speak your name and I will bring you to the realm of the Natib Qadish," he said, bowing his head to the Fated blue girl.

Asadora took a single step closer to him, keeping her hands low and folded. Her eyes lingered down a braid that rested over his shoulders. When she watched him nod his head, she felt a slow crimson blush cross her cheeks for having met one of whom understood clearly her intentions. 'If there is such knowledge of which you speak that is contained within these mountains that falls under the domain of the Ashera, then I, Asadora TrueFae will show Honour, Loyalty and Respect to such one as great as the Ashrea. For it is Fated to be just.' When she noticed him bow his head to her directly, she lifted her wings fully, spanning them out, before lowering them fully to the ground and bowed her head in turn.

"So be it, Asadora TrueFae," he said, raising his eyes to gaze upon her. He spread his hands wide, his thick arms stretching his broad chest. "Anash ak, al baat!" He cried, bringing his hands together in a clap of thunder that echoed and rolled around the mountainside. "The will of Fate is served," he said more quietly as the echoes died away. "Come with me then, Asadora, and let us find your place among us." He turned to launch himself into the air and then paused. "But I warn you, Fae. Not all within the mountain are like me. Not all will welcome you. I have seen your wisdom and your courage. Now you must show us your strength and determination. Are you ready to face such a thing?"

Asadora's wings flittered when his clap was heard which carried the sound of thunder. 'She unfolded her hands, showing him her empy blue streaked palms before she jumped into a hover, 'Aye, this Fae is ready and will be consistent in showing these others the same wisdom and courage, and all will continue to see strenth and determination from this Fae. Aye,' she said surely, 'I am ready.'

"Then follow," he said, spreading his great wings and allowing the heat of the desert to push him into the air. They flew across the hot sands of the desert together, his dark wings beating slowly, her smaller wings fluttering in the hot thermals. Finally they alighted on the summit of the tallest mountain, a small ruined fort above them and a dark cave entrance before them.

Iskrin looked at her one last time. "Once you enter this cave, your Fate is sealed for so long as it has a will for you. I will not look back. It is your choice to follow." With that he stepped into the cave.

Asadora nodded to him in understanding, 'Aye,' she said with a honey tone, 'We shall see what Fate doth have for us.'

Iskrin led Asadora through the dark tunnels of the maze, through the pillars of stone and down into the caverns of the Djinn. Finally, stopping at the cliff edge, he turned at last to see whether the Fae was as brave as he hoped. There she stood behind him, her eyes bright and her blue skin glowing in the dimness of the chamber. "You are welcome Asadora TrueFae, at least by me." He said, spreading his arms. "The home of the Natib Qadish and dominion of the Ashera. She is not here, but we will make you comfortable until her return. What do you require?"

Asadora took a step closer to the edge to be closer at his side. Surveying the area she took a deep breath, 'These walls of rock and stone must have their own tale to tell, for their crevices speak volumes,' she said with a sense of awe in her voice. 'I must tell you that I shall never require meat, for I do not consume it. I will require: Honey, water and fruit of which to sustain my health.'

Iskrin nodded, his eyes falling down to the cavern floor. "Below us is a garden that will provide for your needs," he said, drawing his eyes back up to look upon her. "You are free to come and go by this passage, but you must never show any other where it lies or the way will be barred to you." Then he softened his voice. "And yes, these stones have much to tell, if you can hear them speak. For now, perhaps you would come and share tea with me in my room?"

Asadora looked to the cavern floor and spotted the small garden and she had hoped that there were no mushrooms there, for she could not stand the sight of them. Grateful she was with what was offered to her she nodded her head gently, letting her wings flutter twice, 'Do not fear, there is no one that follows this Fae, for the steps in which I make to this domain, shall be stealthy and with guarded measure.' She tried to cease a blush from forming once more, but failed in her attempt, 'Aye, I would be honoured to share tea with you, thank you.'

Iskrin nodded, his smile persisting despite his dark features and usually dour demeanour. "Perhaps some colour will be good for our people," he said, taking flight.


  1. Welcome Asadora! The Djinn are lucky to have your silver tongue and wise words echoing in the cave!!

  2. Thank you! Now, one can only hope that such words will be heeded:-p
    In all that is Ashera!

  3. Lovely RP, such a great introduction.