Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Fae Recollects

All of the Seven

As this Fae stands close yet so near, words begin to form and cling to one another, which they mold to from thoughts:

When the Will is broke and falls afar,
Extinct as an accursed star;
The Self, one moment held behind,
Whirls like a dead leaf in the wind;
Down the Abyss, The Soul is drawn;
To that Dark Night that is the dawn.
Through halls of patience, palaces
Of ever deeper silences,
Aeons, aeons, and aeons
Of lampless empyreans
Darker and deeper and holier, caves
Of night unstirred by wind, great graves
Of all that is or could ever be
in Time or Eternity.

Drawn, drawn, inevitably spanned,
Tirelessly drawn by some strange hand,
Drawn inward in some sense unkenned
Beyond all to an appointed end,
No end foreseen or hoped, drawn still
Beyond word or Will
Into Itself, drawn subtly, deep
Through the dreamless deaths whose shadow is sleep,
Drawn as dawn shows, to the inmost Divine,
To the Temple, the Nave, the Choir, the Shrine,
To the Altar where in the most purest cup
Tainted with bloody wine and offered up.

Not is this given to any son of man.
The knowledge of this Sacrament;
The beginning of the One in Seven,
Where Divine, Cleric, and Worshipper,
Elder, asperger, thurifer, chorister,
Are one as they were one ere Time began,
Are one on Earth as they are one within the Beyond.
Where the soul is given a new name,
Confirming with an oath the same,
And with Earthen purity drink and bread
Is most delicately fed,
Yet suffereth in itself the curse
Of the infinite universe,
Having made its own confession
Of the mystery of transgression;
Where it is wedded solemnly
With the ring of space and Eternity,
Through incensed Aire, a Divinest of Breath,
With Its first whisper dedicateth
Its new life to a further death.

As the thoughts of this Fae formed into an array of intended words with meaning, but not realising the purpose, something was discovered in recalling this fayhood tale.
Confession is often confused with an acceptance of a purpose. To tell another of an action that may be deemed unfavourable; but, who has enough Judgement to deem what is truly unfavourable?
It is not Divinity alone, nor is it a Cleric or those that follow that same path. It is the All of the Seven. The Seven dimensional aspects of the Universe, which makes up the All.

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