Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Kielan Parx: watches silently from an outcropping of rocks as Eru sits near the water's edge. She studies and catelogs his fluid movements...the enigma of Eru a cause of intense curiosity.

Eraudan (Drega) sits at the waterside with his baggy pant legs rolled up to his thighs to keep the fabric from getting soaked as he slowly swishes his feet in the water. He leans back, gently outstretching his arms behind him in order to distrubute his weight in a manner than is relaxing. Cocking his head to the side, he watches the fish as they dart and play beneath the rippling surface.

Kielan Parx: She steps closer, nearer to the edge of the rocky outcropping...careful not to disturb his silent reverie. Her eyes focus on the web of wrinkels around his dark eyes. A soft smile parts her lips; despite his rough exterior, this was a Djinn to be cherished.

Eraudan (Drega) was caught up in the roaring sound of the waterfall that rushed over the entrance to his solitary cave home. Rolling his head back, he closed his eyes as his face pointed towards the ceiling of the vast expanse of cave. "Why hello, dear Ashera," he greeted with a cool flow of words.

Kielan Parx: Half-frowned as she knelt down on the rocky surface then layed her head delicately over the cliff edge. She had wanted to frighten the elder Djinn with her greeting... but part of her longstanding desire to playfully set him on edge. Her frown up turned to a mischievious (sp?) grin ans she replied, 'Good day old one...' she waited to see if he would open his eyes. Time passed before, ' fair your scaley friends?'

Eraudan (Drega) opened his eyes slowly to look upon her form as she hung overhead. Ages of training kept him aware of his surroundings and though he had not heard her approach over the sounds of the rushing water, he could feel her gaze upon him. An amused smirk curled the left corner of his mouth upon hearing 'old one' fall from her lips. "They fair," he replied gently as he spoke of the fish. "And yourself?" he inquired friendly rather than formally.

[10:45] Kielan Parx: Let one of her arms join her head in the hanging greeting. With all pretense of a silent approach gone, the arm flopped like a dead fish upon the stone, casting loose pebbles down into the Djinn's water. She watched the pebbles as they descended towards the mirror surface before replying, "I fair as Djinns do. Though I must say, I do not find solace as easily as you seem to. I do not have fish as my company, to call my own and be left ...alone with." She smirks at the word 'alone'...knowing her presence was a distraction to him.

Eruadan (Drega) dropped his head to the side to watch as the pebbles broke the surface of the water, casting a splatter of ripples out in many little rings. He watched as the small rocks lost speed and sank slowly to the murky bottom as the rings on the surface grew bigger and disapated. He was quiet as he watched the water and considered her words. He would smile again, briefly, before he rolled his head back to look upon her. This was a young Djinn that looked back at him, but it was also the Ashera. Many found it difficult to be in the presence of this embodiment of all Elements, but he emitted a sense of awe of her. His eyes stared at her, but he was careful not to propose a challenge by matching her gaze. "I suppose it is an odd life to lead when one has all the people at Her feet. Never left alone, yet still feeling alone."

Kielan Parx's face goes still with the elder Djinn's words... she watches nothing in particular for a long moment before re-animating and gathering her thoughts. Another arm plops over the edge of the cliff wall...she was not afraid to throw out the expected notions of proper behavior an Ashera should show in front of Eru. He was older, new far more than she, and yet it was she that found herself as ruler. This prospect was one that she couldn't fully get comfortable with, but Eru was one that knew this. She smiled warmly before playfully spouting, 'Watch your tongue, ancient one...or I will have it!' She arched an eyebrow in jest.

Eruadan (Drega) smirked as and shifted his weight to raise a hand, as if taking an oath, in defence. "My tongue is stilled," he offered and replaced his hand behind his back to prope himself up. He lifted his feet from the water and crossed his legs in front of him. The water that remained on his legs soon krept into the fibers of his clothing, but he paid it no mind. Kielan was not the old Ashera and he found he often reminded himself of this fact.

Kielan Parx: Paused for some time. She breathed slowly, taking in the fragrant, sweet air surrounding the Glowfruit grove. A blossom cascaded from one of the higher bows of one of the trees. She watched as it danced in air, carried by an invisible stream of air. She focused her eyes, letting her awareness of the element increase. Soon, a faint billowing of color could be seen around the blossom; the air made visible through her commune with the element. More time passed before, 'Tell me Eru, what say you opening the water channel? An influx of new creatures would swim to you, that is of certain. Do we lift the water sieve that has been in place for eons? I will do this for you, if you ask it."

Eruadan (Drega) did nothing to break the silence between them as the Ashera observed her realm within the cave. He watched as she practiced her skills with the Elements as the floating blossom glowed by her will and grace. Crossing his legs and folding them underneath him, he leaned back a bit further and found himself more comfortable as he considered her question. "Hmmm..." he pondered aloud. "I suppose with the new Air floating our way, that new Water would be welcomed, as well." Eru spoke with a calm tone that revealed he was not overly excited about the suggestion, but neither was he displeased by the idea. "We must take well-guarded measures that the flowing of water does not bring unwanteds where they do not belong," he warned cautiously.

Kielan Parx: Listens to his words with an ernest interest. As simple as the question sounded, she was attempting to gage his comfort with the recent parting of the sands. The lands to the South have yet to make themselves known as friend or foe, and she was inexperienced as an Ashera...those of the past had dealt with turmoil and change. She, on the other hand, had come into prophecy only in the most recent second of Djinn history. "Tell me Eru..." she used his name to inpart the seriousness of her tone. "Are we to continue on the path that has lead us to this point? Or will things change entirely as we know it?" Her countenance changed, she was no longer speaking of mere fish.

Eruadan (Drega), with a deep expel of air, despite that breathing was unnecessary, let his arms slide out from under him as he lay down flat against the wet earth. His legs uncrossed and stretched outward to allow the heels of his feet to kiss the water's surface. Keeping his eyes up towards her as he spoke, his words came out forced as he made sure his response would be heard over the waterfall. "Alas my queen, I am no mystic. The gift of foresight in matters of racial relations are beyond this old warrior's grasp." He paused as he brushed a strand of hair from his face. "We have been isolated for so long that most of our kind has forgotten the world outside ourselves. Though I cannot speak for Him, I believe He intended for our solidarity," Eru said, speaking of the previous Ashera. "The Djinn will have faith in You, that You will do what You feel is best for Your people. I swore my oath to protect the Ashera and the realm. I will not dictate what should be Your will, but will only warn that some doors are locked for a reason."

Kielan Parx: Dangling arms and face disappear beyond the rocky ledge they layed upon. The soft sound of barefeet against gritty rock could be heared if one was close enough. The Ashera stood up, dusted off her robes and stared ahead at the interwoven braches of the Glowfruit trees swaying in the magic breeze. "Your words aide me well, Eru. I thank you for your wisdom." with a pitter pat of slender feet against stone, the Ashera disappeared into the adjacent tunnel...pausing only shortly to glance back towards Eru's grove.

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