Saturday, May 22, 2010

OOC Meeting on Factions, Guilds, and Lodges

[11:06] Eecho Rotaru: Okay It is time for the other class.
[11:09] Eecho Rotaru: If you want to know more about Aryador's factions, its guilds, and lodges please hang around. Those who are leaving, thank you for coming!
[11:12] Eecho Rotaru: I am Eecho. I am one of the admins here in Aryador. Our other admins are Kaelen Caerndow, Kielan Parx (who is here), Colbe Fhang, and the sim owner vaurk Ort
[11:13] Eecho Rotaru: We also have those who lead various faction, guilds, lodges etc who are officers/mentors who really are the ones who keep Aryador going on day to day rp :)
[11:13] Eecho Rotaru: They are our life blood
[11:13] Eecho Rotaru: We just wanted to take a moment to let you know what our factions and such are
[11:14] Eecho Rotaru: The first thing we will look at are factions. Factions are groups of people banded together by race or ideology
[11:16] Eecho Rotaru: I know one correction on the factions. I believe the Mari faction and the Luna Floresta faction are joining into one....a type of guardians of the waters and forests
[11:16] Eecho Rotaru: Keepers of all the wilds
[11:16] Eecho Rotaru: Fur would you like to tell us a bit about them?
[11:16] Eecho Rotaru: They are our newest faction
[11:17] Fur Yifu: Yes..we are a tribe of Wood and Water dwellers
[11:17] Fur Yifu: Fierce protectors of Nature
[11:18] Fur Yifu: While still Dark, we are inclined to Neutral, with a range
[11:18] Fur Yifu: between a little lighter and a little darker
[11:18] Snow Wolfhunter: well, see you in half an hour. waves*
[11:19] Eecho Rotaru: Aye, while we are pretty open, we do require all factions and folks to be some shade of dark. Those of the light would join Sylvhara :)
[11:19] Fur Yifu: there are also racial guidelines
[11:19] Casbah FalconerCasbah Falconer nods
[11:20] Fur Yifu: Mer, Sirens Sea Nymphs in the sea sub-faction
[11:20] Fur Yifu: Centaur, Dryad, Ent, Faun, Gryphon, Halfling, Wood Elf, Wood the Wood
[11:20] Eecho Rotaru: Thank you Fur. I know they are working on their united card atm. But it should be coming out soon. :) Kielan leads the Natib Qadish faction. Kielan, would you tell us about it?
[11:22] Kielan Parx: Sure! The Natib Qadish are a new faction, tied together mainly by race. It is the Djinn (genie for SF) faction, that will live in a cavern on Taure Emata. Serves as a way to deepen some rp with a fairly unplayed race. Dark, mysterious, xenophobic...who will begin RP trying to acclimate to now sharing an open border with Aryador.
[11:23] Kielan Parx: Other races are definitely welcome to come in and RP with the Djinn...we started a little subfaction called 'Sula yn Emata' or 'Guest of the Isle' for other races who want to develop backstories to tie in with the Djinn :D
[11:23] PrimSavers - 1 Prim Medieval Chair (Arms-Short) - 6 Textures whispers: Time for dialog has expired, click again for use...
[11:24] Eecho Rotaru: Thanks Kielan
[11:24] Eecho Rotaru: Oh and I made a mistake...Clan Wælgrye is our newest faction...they are those of the village. Casbah Falconer leads them. Casbah would you tell a bit about them?
[11:24] Kielan Parx: Lots of information, posted on the new blog for Aryador.
[11:24] Eecho Rotaru: ooh tell us where to find it Kie
[11:24] Dart Chaffe: do do!
[11:25] Kielan Parx:
[[11:25] Kielan Parx: and anyone who sends me their email address can post on the blog :D
[11:25] Asadora Summers: bit of a cranky sort
[[11:26] Eecho Rotaru: I would guess laweful evil correct
[11:26] Kielan Parx: *nods*
[11:26] Fur Yifu: nods
[11:26] Eecho Rotaru: they are run by an evil Ashera (queen) who demands order...they are definately not chaotic
[11:26] Eecho Rotaru: almost babylonian in thought
[[11:29] Eecho Rotaru: okay sorry but for times sake, lets move on...Casbah
[11:29] Eecho Rotaru: Tell us about our newest faction
[11:30] Casbah Falconer: I will hand out the basics from the nc for the clan of Waelgrye
[11:30] Casbah Falconer: it is still under construction but this is hwo it will be this far:
[11:30] Casbah Falconer: If you would like to become a member of the clan and be active as a roleplayer in and around the village, you have to work out a suitable roleplay in a way that suits your character to become a part of the kinship. The clans leadership will together decide when you proved yourself worthy to be a clan member and share the secrets and bounds that keeps the clan together.
Lexie Lukas mutters willy wags... *grins*
[11:31] Casbah Falconer: The clan is named after the village and has now the name Walegrye that means in anglosaxon..a place from where danger comes
[11:31] Casbah Falconer: The village is resting on the southeast ridge of Aryador... not yet as ancient as the land itself but still old enough that very few remember its history. The village itself was built upon the ruins of some ancient structure... according to legend, is said to be the place where the blood flowed from those who were murdered.
The village is governed by clan Wælgrye of Aryador and, as in ancient times, protect the village from the intrusion and threats but also engaged in trade, barter and a few other dubious activities as well.
[11:32] Casbah Falconer: The clan now runs the Hobgoblin tavern and keeps a close eye on the passers-by who enter Aryador through the southeast portal.
The clan's own history for the uninitiated is a mystery due to the fact it hides its secrets well. It is said that the clan must protect something from Aryadors past, but it is uncertain if they even know themselves what that something is. The elders speak of an urn.. an urn filled with soil mixed with blood from those once killed in the bright light from the moon of Aryador.. causing an earthquake corrupting the land. When the clan gathers they do pretend that this urn is well hidden in the ruins, quietly resting below the village buildings.
[11:32] Casbah Falconer: It has long been forgotten.. who is related to whom within the clan. But cohesion is strong, their interest is to protect clan secrets and receive an income from the trades that are made in the village and the sale of wine, beer and bread in tavern.
[11:33] Casbah Falconer: we will give the other factions some trouble ..just you wait ;)
[11:34] Eecho Rotaru: Thanks Casbah! That faction nc had one mistake in it (at least) Lexie Lukas is the leader of the Nox Faction. Lexie will you tell us about Nox?
[11:34] Casbah Falconer: we will have our issues internal and as well with other factions and with sylvhara
[11:34] Lexie Lukas: Yes
[11:34] Casbah Falconer: thank you
[11:34] Lexie Lukas: The Nox Templars are made up of a tight knit family who are involved in all levels of crime. From petty theives, rogues, assassains, spies, and other unsavory figures.
[11:35] Lexie Lukas: This is the more or less known version
[11:35] Lexie Lukas: We accpet all races tribes whatever
[11:35] Lexie Lukas: adn we dont do much without some sort of payment
[11:35] Lexie Lukas: we are very very loyla as a family fo brothers would be
[11:35] Ava VerinoAva Verino pouts..payment in blood..
[11:36] Lexie Lukas: and we seem to have gotten a reputation for Evil.. very very bad evil
[11:36] Lexie LukasLexie Lukas laughs softly
[11:36] Tosh Snook: surely not!
[11:36] Manitou FrideManitou Fride licks his lips hearing talk of blood
[11:36] Casbah Falconer: hehe
[11:36] Ava VerinoAva Verino nods frowning
[11:36] Casbah Falconer: and bodyparts
[11:36] Lexie Lukas: .. but we also like to protect ALL of Ayrador
[11:37] Eecho Rotaru: Thank you Lexie. I lead the Hive which is made up almost exclusively of Unseelie/dark/evil fae and elementals. We thrive on chaos, and almost touch a bit on the insane. We may hate you one moment only to befriend you the next...however the Hive always comes first.
[11:37] Ava Verino: well that is the beauty of Aryador.. when it comes to the battle we protect eachother
[11:37] Ava Verino: nox or not
[11:37] Lexie Lukas: ;)
[11:37] Eecho Rotaru: A good tip on dealing with us....we cannot lie...but we may leave out key facts...any agreements should be inspected very clearly.
[11:38] Eecho Rotaru: Right Dart?
[11:38] Dart ChaffeDart Chaffe nods in remembered agreement
[11:38] Eddepet Jacobus: *mutters about trade secreets
[11:38] Fur Yifu: giggles
[11:38] Eecho Rotaru: I mean we may make an agreement but there may be certain loopholes that you may not notice
[11:38] Casbah Falconer: the naughty naughty party faction
[11:39] Fur Yifu: is there a DROW faction still?
[11:39] Eecho Rotaru: We only say what we exactly mean...and not necessarily implied
[11:39] Eecho Rotaru: No...atm there is no drow faction
[11:39] Fur Yifu: ok
[11:39] Eecho Rotaru: That said there may be one in the works
[11:39] Eecho Rotaru: but who knows for sure

[11:41] Eecho Rotaru: It is there...Kaelen is believed to be the last remaining drow of the house....though others have been spotted
[11:42] Casbah Falconer: nods
[11:42] Ava Verino: ok
[11:42] Ava Verino: the matron?
[11:42] Casbah FalconerCasbah Falconer hisse
[11:42] Casbah Falconer: s
[11:42] Eecho Rotaru: The first guild is the Cleric Guild. It is led by Kaelen Caerndow. Clerics primarily act as healers who get their healing from a deity
[11:43] Eecho Rotaru: Clerics are not simply folks who want to be healers but must be an active priest/priestess of a god/dess
[11:43] Eecho Rotaru: The guild, like all the guilds are graded in that there are levels you move up.
[11:43] Eecho Rotaru: One never graduates from a guild
[11:44] Eecho Rotaru: As long as you are that class you are in that guild.
[11:44] Eecho Rotaru: We have 2 temples as part of Aryador. There is the one that was part of the Drow temple, where Kaelen does most of his training.
[11:44] Eecho Rotaru: There is also another one in Taure Emata
[11:45] Eecho Rotaru: February Slade is our Archmage and leads the Mage guild....Feb would you like to talk about it a minute?
[11:46] February Slade: Mages are a varied group: necromancers, who deal with the mysteries of death, more academic mages who immerse themselves in the study of the secrets of the universe, elementalists who wield the power of fire, earth air and water, and many other possiblities.
[11:48] February Slade: But all of them are similar in that they draw on their own knowledge and personal energy for at least some of their power, they need not follow a god, though many do, nor need they be especially aligned with nature...they are associated with power, mystery, and seeking knowledge.
[11:49] February Slade: Mechanically in battle they are most obviously different from the other spellcasters in that they have themost powerful attack magic, but cannot heal themselves or others.
[11:49] Lexie Lukas: The templar guild is a warrior cleric guild.. its members are either follow a cleric or a warrior initial path
We are the lawful evil which is a trick.. the answer lies in whose law do we follow.. which diabolically is our own
We are sercretive , strong, and as I had spoken of Diabolical
We love to fight on the field of battle but will leave no brother behind.. we are fiercely loyal to a fault
We answer to dieties whom we select.. and they are most certainly dark... we are likened to the Sith in Star wars.. that is about it Eecho

[11:52] Eecho Rotaru: Our next 3 guilds (shaman, bard, and druid) fall under one heading mystics. While the training is different, they are all hybrids able to do some damage and some healing but not stronger than the clerics or mages in their healing or magic. Ava Verino leads our shaman's guild. Ava would you like to g

[11:55] Dart Chaffe: What a Bard "is" cannot be defined by a simple declaration, such as "poet" or "entertainer".
In the world outside of SL, the term has followed (and is still following) a progression of definition.
[11:55] Dart Chaffe: n Celtic history, the earliest meaning of the term was in fact derogatory
a "wastrel" a vagabond teller of tales and a musican unschooled and often poorly skilled.
Later, the label "Bard" came to be applied to poets as well as recorders and repositories of history.
These Bards often enjoyed the largess of royalty and were able to express themselves frankly
without threat or reprisal or punishment.
Later still, the "Bard" was an accomplished and often renown poet and playwright. A true entertainer, an artist.
But enough about that "other" realm, we are in SL!
[11:56] Dart Chaffe: Here, each who wishes to be known as Bard must create their own path.
Through the Guild system in Aryador, by followig a brief course through apprentiship, one can be initiated as
a bard,By displaying suitable roleplay skills
[11:57] Dart Chaffe: By learning or showing skills with a musical instrumentBy adapting a current theme to poetry, play or other artistic endeavor
[11:57] Dart Chaffe: But by far, most important to the role is "Who am I?" , "How do I fit into this world?"
That, only the initiate can decide and grow into.
[11:57] Eecho Rotaru: Thanks Dart. I will share a bit about the druid and shaman guild. I lead the Druid guild. Druids and shamans have many of the same abilities. Druids work with the four elements and nature, herbs etc....Shamans work with ancestors and totems. Both do minor healing and minor damage.
[11:57] Dart Chaffe: I, for one, have chosen a very "human" role, replete with faults and frailties.
Dart is no "Queens favorite", no "shaper of events through influence"
no "white-bearded wizened sage". Closer to the original Celtic definition, he is almost fatally flawed and makes his barefoot way JUST keeping out of terminal troubles at any given time.

[11:59] Eecho Rotaru: Okay I am sorry but it is time to run.
[11:59] Lexie LukasLexie Lukas taps the Hive King on the shoulder" Excuse sir the allaince has been called to arms.. I need to go "
[11:59] Eecho Rotaru: I hope this has helped

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