Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to the Torgan Empire!

No one talks of Torgan origins. Those who know keep silent whispering words that it is better to keep the past in the past. The Torgan Empire is made up of two countries. Taure Ru is a country known for its beauty and untamed spirit. Black Isle (Spirit Dancers) is a land of order and dark decadence. We are a dark medieval fantasy role play sim. The lands grow wild in some parts and others portray a dark decadence of those with a chaotic or darker disposition. From knights to assassins, queens to dancers we offer a variety of roles for those who role play here. Taure Ru is led by the dual Kings Grotch "Zig" Qarnac and Eecho Rotaru.

To join in role play, combat or become a citizen here you should submit a character card and have it approved prior to participating in any combat or larger role plays. Submit character cards to Eecho Rotaru, Freya Kirax, Grotch Qarnac or Lexie Lukas.

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