Monday, April 18, 2011

Eecho's View of War

Eecho the Death Priest approaches the holy shrine atop the mount of balance. Setting down a few empty bottles of poison, he sighs. Kneeling down he begins his prayer. First taking a tiny dagger he offers a few drops of blood as a holy sacrifice for Calypso and Melek.
"Dearest Mother Calypso, sweet Queen of Chaos...I have done as you have requested. I have spoken what you have asked me to say. My lover, my god Melek, god of death and an end to life that they may be reborn into chaos...soon your offering will pile as high as the sky. I am Discord and War. Let it begin now."
Eecho pulls out a whip bound with the holy thorns of Calypso and whips it into his skin again and again. Finally he cries out collapsing into unconsciousness to be held by his sweet goddess once again.

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