Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to Taure Emata!

Taure Emata is an island that is off of the coast of Aryador. As the mists blew off of the waters, it seemed to slowly fade into existance. Perhaps it has always been there. Taure Emata is a desolate place. It is home to very few who dwell in the small desertlike stronghold. The dwellers of the land, called Natib Qadish are a race of djinn. They are an intense race and hold to an almost barbaric lifestyle with harsh rules and penalties for those who break the rules. Though surrounded by water, the sands blow, and while some of the lands may seem like an oasis...nothing is safe. The djinn are mistrusting of outsiders initially. The isle is quite impenetrable, therefore, only races adapted to dealing with the elements could survive and flourish in the environment.

Though on a separate sim, we are a part of and a faction of Aryador. Millenia ago, an earthquake sparked by the dark crystals broke part of Arayador away from the rest. These islands seemed to dissolve in clouds of sand. A dark djinn named Ashera Kielen Parx took over the island clouding it from view with the dust making it almost a mirage except with those who seem to have a touch of the sight. Rarely did those who had the sight perceive what was beyond the blowing sand on the waters. Now the sands have settled, revealing an island, that while part of Aryador, is a very different culture. Taure Emata has a medieval Babylonian feel to it, reflecting our time of separation from Aryador. The sim itself will be home to many quests, and opportunities for those who would engage in combat with npc creatures, as well as rp. We survive by selling and trading the unusual fruit called "Somata" that grows on the land...which can be made into a type of drink of bliss, which is highly intoxicating.

The Ashera (Queen) rules the Natib Qadish with an iron rod, allowing no room for mercy. The djinn live in the various parts of the habitation of Taure Emata, each according to their elemental station assigned to them at birth. The Habitation, a city within the lands itself, is composed of djinn said to be brought from the realms of smokeless fire with the Ashera. In the Habitation, the law comes before all else. All serve the Ashera either from awe or fear, but serve her they do. The djinn all seem to revere the four elements (earth, air, fire, water), being assigned one at birth. The Ashera is looked upon as the embodiment of the fifth element (spirit) acting as a hub for all the others, and thus is served with awe and fear. They djinn worship Nergel as the god of the sands and death.

~~Roleplaying as Djinn~~
Djinn wear genie on their meter, however they do not look nor act like the genies found in shows similar to "I Dream of Genie" or "Aladdin." The Sand Dwelling Djinn have brown/chocolate skin and dark hair. Those that have lived for generations in the caves have extremely pale (white or light grey) skin and dark hair. All djinn have fawn/pixie like ears that stick out. They have etherial eyes unlike other humanoids. This society is an almost middle eastern Babylonian system, which is very harsh and cruel. We are tribal in that we do not easily trust outsiders. Our life centers around our work, our patron element assigned at birth, and our job or caste within the system. Breaking the laws or general chaos or laziness are not accepted in this society.

Roles within the Natib Qadish:
Merchants (can be undercover assassins, rangers and rogues)
Mages (Requires Mage Guild)
Shamans/Druids/Bards (Requires Mystics Guild)
Priest/esses (Requires Clerics Guild)

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